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Oct 1 till Dec. 15. 2007
Applications to participate in “Manikins in Paradise” will be available at the Artists in Paradise Gallery,
SODU gallery (Key West), Bougainvillea House Gallery (Marathon) and Island Arts gallery (Key West)
and here on our website.  Any other information please call the gallery direct at 305.872.1828.
This event is open to all artists in the Keys.

October 1-31. 2007
Window showcase by Bob and Sue D’Antonio.  Come see the beautiful costumes created
by Bob and Sue from beginning to end.

November 1-30. 2007
Window Showcase by Valerie Fecher.
View beautiful portraits only seen through the eyes of her camera lens.

December 1-15. 2007
Window Showcase by Kimian displaying their beautiful Gyotaka – hand painted fish prints.

December 15-31. 2007
Window Showcase by Gale Upmal displaying her Watercolor Batik on Rice paper

Jan. 1-15. 2008
Window showcase by Connie Hauk displaying her creations in collage.

Jan 3-11. 2008
Our student art show will be on display at gallery 10-6 everyday.
All entries are from Jrs. and Seniors from the four high schools throughout the keys.

Jan 7, 2008
Lower Keys Artists Network meeting starts at 7 PM with a demo on collage’ by Connie Hauk.
Public is welcome.

Jan 7, 2008
Artists in Paradise along with the Bougainvillea House gallery will open an art show at the
Marathon Community Theater, which will run till February 4. 2008. 
There will be a meet the artists reception on Jan. 22. 2008 at the theater.

Jan 12&13. 2008
All entries are due in for our judged show.  The only requirement is to be a member of the
Lower Keys Artists Network with a membership fee of $25.00.

Jan 15-31. 2008
Window showcase by Gingah Milnes with beautiful watercolors

Jan 18. 2008
Awards nite at the gallery.
Come enjoy wine and munchies and see who will be awarded ribbons in each category
and vote for your favorite artwork.

Jan.25- Feb 8. 2008
Our featured artist will by Coralee Bursch with some of her wonderful originals

Jan 31 – Feb 1. 2008
All Manikins to be delivered to the gallery for pre-bidding

Feb. 1-15. 2008
Our famous “Manikins in Paradise” will be on display

Feb 4, 2007
Lower Keys Artists Network meeting starts at 7 PM with a demo by  Coralee Bursch.  Public is welcome.

Feb 15, 2007
“Manikins in Paradise” auction will start at 6 PM.
Come and enjoy wine, food and fellow artists and bid on your favorite manikin

Feb. 15-29. 2008
Window Showcase by Kimian displaying beautiful Gyotaka, hand painted fish prints

March 3, 2007
Lower Keys Artists Network meeting at 7 PM with a demo by Julie Joyce in watercolors.  Public is welcome

March 4&5. 2008
Delivery of all original art for the Pete Rosin Auction. 
We will accept all medias of artwork to benefit this wonderful scholarship auction. 
All monies raised will be given to an art student who attends any of the four high schools
in the keys and wishes to continue their education in the field of arts.

March 15.2008
Pete Rosin Scholarship Auction starts at 6 PM at the gallery with a live auctioneer, food, music, and fun

March 23. 2008 - Happy Easter

April 7, 2007
Lower Keys Artist Network last meeting of the season with a demo by Paul Shetrompf with his acrylic carvings.
Public is welcome


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